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Counterfeit Banknotes And Documents For Sale(

Ciudad: Apodaca

Fecha de Boda: 01/01/1970

Mensajes: 1

Por: jamesrawlings973  07/01/2017 10:51:03 a.m.

Warmest greetings to everyone . Take the chance now to become rich thereby being able to pay your tuition fees and still have some money to buy school stuff, clear off your loans, hospital bills, utility bills and all other bills. Take your time to read this post/article before you buying from us. 


We are Professional IT technicians and we produce SUPER UNDETECTED COUNTERFEIT MONEY for all currencies. Our notes are industrially and professional produced. We use quality foil paper 

elements(20% of cellulose and 80% of cotton paper). Our notes also have the Infrared Detecton which makes them by-pass the UV machines, Pen test and even eye detection. 

We also sell and provide money cleaning services and solutions. 


Our notes have the following properties which are found on the government issued notes; 

-Holograms and Holographic Strips 


-Methalic Ink and Thread 


-IR Detecton 

-Ultra-violet features 

-See through Features 

-Different serial numbers 


These features make our notes to be 100% undetected, 100% safe and much more secured to be used in any of the following areas: BANKS, CASINO, ATM, MONEY CHANGERS, STORES, etc. 


We also produce passports, DL, ID, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates 

and a host of other documents. We have the capability of having the documents registered into the Country's data base system. As such, they are verifiable. &

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